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Daddy's Angel - Laylah Roberts
Daddy's Angel

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Two Old Fashioned Men -- Laylah Roberts

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Two Old-Fashioned Men

Some of the characters from An Old-Fashioned Man are back!
Meet two of Heath's brothers, Cam and Kent, as they meet the woman meant to be theirs.

Bryony Andrews has never had much luck-with men or jobs. She's down to her last few dollars when she drives out to the Double J ranch in a thunderstorm to ask about a job.

Cam is ecstatic. He thinks Bryony is the woman they've been looking. The woman to make Kent smile again. He and his brother enjoy sharing their women, and Cam sees Bryony as a woman they could keep. Forever.
Kent had sworn off woman, but sweet Bryony filters through the hard shell he's placed around his heart.

Bryony's ecstatic to have a job, but can she handle her incredibly sexy, handsome employees and their very old-fashioned views on how to treat a woman?

Please note: Contains material that some readers may find objectionable: domestic discipline (spanking), ménage a trois, BDSM, anal play.