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Daddy's Angel - Laylah Roberts
Daddy's Angel

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Laken's Surrender -- Laylah Roberts

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Laken's Surrender

A feisty woman with a traumatized past. A Dom determined to win her back. And a murderer seeking to cure his victims of their sins.

Laken loved Duncan Jones. He was the only one to whom she could ever surrender herself. But their relationship fell apart years ago and she's a different woman now. She has her secrets and she's going to keep them.

Duncan Jones is determined to break through barriers Laken has thrown up between them and win her back. She was his once and she'll be his again. He knows he made mistakes in the past, they both did.

What he soon learns, though, is that the barriers Laken has erected hide secrets that threaten not only their relationship but her very life.

Please note: Contains material that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM, spanking.