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Daddy's Angel - Laylah Roberts
Daddy's Angel

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Her Old Fashioned Husband -- Laylah Roberts

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Her Old-Fashioned Husband

When Frankie married Tom a year ago, she was determined to give him the perfect life. To be the perfect wife. The perfect mother. The perfect lover. Only things aren’t quite working out the way she planned. Exhausted, stressed, she’s nearing breaking point.

Tom has issues of his own. An old friend turns up in his life, one he hasn’t spoken to in years, one he still hasn’t forgiven for killing his best friend. Of course, Frankie can’t stand to see her husband in pain and decides to help heal the rift… even though Tom has forbidden her from interfering.

But then Frankie has never claimed to be the most obedient wife.
Please note: Contains material that some readers may find objectionable: domestic discipline (spanking), figging.