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Daddy's Angel - Laylah Roberts
Daddy's Angel

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Her Old-Fashioned Boss -- Laylah Roberts

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Her Old-Fashioned Boss

Roarke and Sam have been together for years. They love each other, yet they feel there is something missing. And Sam thinks they need a woman. Someone they can coddle and protect.

But Roarke isn’t so sure. For years he’s blamed himself for his brother’s death. The only person he’s ever allowed to get close since is Sam.

Then Ava Scott applies for the job as Roarke’s personal assistant and both men find themselves instantly attracted and intrigued by the tiny woman.

Desperate for a job, Ava can’t believe it when she’s hired as the personal assistant to the owner of several BDSM clubs. She finds herself quickly attracted to dominant Roarke and his submissive partner, Sam.

It’s an interest she knows will never be reciprocated. They’re gay, they’re together and Roarke is her boss—a kind of old-fashioned, overprotective boss who likes to spank.

Please note: Contains a Dom with a hand like a paddle, his partner who has an oral fixation and a heroine with body issues. MMF, includes MM, spanking, anal plugs.