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Daddy's Angel - Laylah Roberts
Daddy's Angel

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Their Christmas Baby -- Laylah Roberts

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Their Christmas Baby

After spending years looking after ailing parents and a selfish husband, Jessa decided that it was time to explore the needs she’d supressed for years.

She wanted to experience what it was like to be dominated. She wanted to set free the little inside her. She needed to figure out if having a Daddy Dom was truly what she desired.

Colt and Brant shared everything. Their house. Their business. Their women. Both dominant, they helped mentor subs so when a friend asked them to take on Jessa, they agreed.

Little did they realize how much they would come to need her in their lives. But before they can show her how much she means to them, they will need to put the past behind them…before it truly hurts them and Jessa.

Warning: This book contains age play, consensual spanking and some very dominant males. Please don’t buy if any of this offends you.